Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Leper and The Octopus; Thought for Today.

"They have driven us like oxen in a rice paddy, the West, without conscience. They raped our mothers, daughters and sisters as they sent their worst perverts after us, killing our fathers, sons and brothers. They have starved, abused and humiliated us.

But they do not see that they have unwittingly prepared us for this approaching catastrophe. They do not even realize that it is for them the bell tolls.

We, the so-called third world, especially Africans, have lived under their yoke forever and today have learnt to embrace this calamity they foresee and dread. What an irony, they have prepared us well for that which they cannot survive."~~culled from The Leper and the Octopus by Michael Dibiaezue

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Kangaroo Joe said...

This insight I dare say is prophetic. I have never looked at it this way. Africans have been conditioned to bear surferrance without complain, they are pretty much used to it. Are we, because the time now comes to taste of our own medicine.

Bellisiamo said...

This global upheaval and coming fiscal distortion/NWO is the melancholy that shall make all '3rd world nations' whole again.

Necta said...

There is this clarity of thought and intense reflection which beams through these very few words that throw open the fraud that is democracy and Western civilization. Every word is a consecration of wisdom.

Extremely thought provoking.

Sally Mills said...

The Leper and the Octopus, where can I find the full text to read?

Calypso said...

Patrice Lumumba; when the saints go marching on. Blow back will be a bitch.

Au passe said...

Very humbling. The inner thoughts of an African sage.