Monday, September 10, 2012

The Chinese are buying Gold like there will be no tomorrow

China’s year-to-date gold imports from Hong Kong are now a record 458.6 tons, well over four times greater than the seven month total in 2011. The Chinese are the world’s largest gold producer and had an output of 355 tons. The Chinese used to export silver but now consume their entire annual production. China owns gold and silver mines in other countries and might have large stocks of bullion under different names around the world. As a side note, the US has been melting down its pre-1965 99% to make up for its production shortfalls. Since silver is often mined with copper, silver has declined in output by 14% this year.

Two American financial reporters talked to Bundesbank officials in Germany who told them that China has at least two or three times the total amount of gold reserves they claim. They said nobody outside China knows the real number which is a closely guarded state secret. They have not bothered to announce their total gold holdings since April of 2009 though they have announced plans to go to 6,000 and then 10,000 tons with no dates given. The ascendancy of China in the 21st century has made Sun Tzu’s Art of War required reading. He said:

‘When you are far pretend to be near.

When you are many pretend to be few.

Let me explain something bankers know very well about fractional reserve banking, charging interest on money you have created out of nothing. Mrs Jones deposits $10,000 into her account. Her banker will pay her 1% interest or $100 for a year. He then loans out $100,000 at 10% for one year to a business man. With fractional reserve accounting he collects $10,000 in interest even though he only paid out $100 to his depositor. Now you know why we have ballooning Unpayable Debts everywhere. America has twice the debt level it had in the Great Depression which would mean this Depression will be twice as severe as the last one if there is no orgsnized Debt Cancellation.

I have reported previously that China has been recasting their 100 and 400 ounce bars into smaller kilogram (2.2 pound) bars which we call jewelers bricks in the West. Some of those bars from Fort Knox have been questioned as some have been found to be counterfeits made from gold plated tungsten. These kilogram sized bars could replace 400 ounce bars in trade which were used to settle accounts in international trade when gold was $35 an ounce. Prior to August of 1971 when the US went off the gold exchange standard, that 400 ounce bar was worth $14,000. A gram of gold today is $55.79 which makes that kilogram bar worth $55,790. Did you notice that the smaller bar will cost you more than 3 times what the larger one would have cost in July of 1971? Do that calculation again at 100 and then at $150 a gram.

Now let’s fast forward to America after the elections. It will begin before election day as I expect an economic shock of sufficient magnitude to stampede disgruntled American voters into voting for Romney. Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve, Mervyn King at the Bank of England and Mario Draghi at the European Central Bank have set in motion Hyperinflationary pressures which will become readily apparent past the lies our governments have been telling. John Williams of Shadow Stats says that the 2% the US government admits to would be 5% if we used the same inflation formula we used in 1990. And that would be 10% if we used the formula the federal government used in 1980 to calculate inflation. John Williams also said that if we used the 1980 definition of unemployment our jobless rate would be 22%.

Larry Summers whose family changed their name from Samuelson wrote a paper in the 1980s proving that government could only have monstrous and unconscionable and unsustainable levels of debt (my words not his) if they held down interest rates and to do that government would have to hold down the price of gold. That manipulation of gold and silver was dictated by that paper. Larry Summers was brought into the Treasury Department in 1993 by Robert Rubin, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs. These men were capable of understanding economics and mathematics. They knew that the compounding of interest on currencies they were allowed to create out of nothing would one day create an Unpayable Debt Bomb that would one day explode and take down the governments they appear to own.

That day has arrived

Interest rates will be forced higher as the dollar declines in value. The North American Free Trade Act sent 56,000 American manufacturing plants and 12 million jobs overseas. We are still losing 23 manufacturing plants every day. We have added 300,000 jobs in the past three years but have given out 3 million Green Cards (work permits for legal and illegal aliens) in that same period while 12 million Americans turned 18 in the past 3 years. Do the math. The numbers add up to an impending financial disaster which soon can no longer be papered over with money printing.

The price of gold was kept down with bullion sales. Governments also leased gold to dealers who were able to sell 5 gold certificates in the market for every bar of physical gold they had leased from the government. Jim Willie has told us that there are people who believe they have gold on deposit in a bank allocated to them under their name. There are tens thousands of tons of ‘missing gold ‘ which can never be redeemed and delivered. The governments will not be persuaded to spend half a trillion dollars to bail out allocated gold accounts when inflation and even higher unemployment devastates the voters. One economist has noted a decline in votes for middle ground political parties (government speak for Banker Occupied) and a rise in extremist parties that do not listen to the Lords of Wall Street and the City of London. The lesson here is that paper certificates are not gold and silver.

In January of 2012 the ICC (International Criminal Court) created a High Financial Crimes Court to adjudicate cases involving derivatives. Good luck trying to get justice in a court whose parent body has not seen fit to prosecute any American, British and Israeli politicians who are known to be war criminals. This court has received no publicity outside some obscure European press and Chinese English language business publications. The establishment of that court would indicate that they soon expect more than a quadrillion dollars in derivatives to explode.

The Tipping Point is Nigh

A good analogy of the tipping point is water. If over a long period of time you raise the temperature one degree every few minutes, you will still have water which can be contained in your uncovered pot on the stove but at the tipping point the last degree of increase in temperature will turn it into steam. And then the pot will not contain the steam.

We are near the end of the dollar. As people head for the exits, they will drive up the price of gold and silver because there is no demand for US dollars in trade. China has been making bilateral agreements with Africa (100 billion dollars in investments since the Beijing Conference of 2010) with Russia, China, Brazil, India, Iran, Japan and even Saudi Arabia. They are preparing for the death of the dollar. Are you?

The Endgame Scenario

As I said, I see an economic shock within the next five weeks that as I sail will stampede the voters to Romney. The Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the ECB are engaged in a lot of money printing though we do not know the actual amounts involved especially concerning Ben Bernanke and his infamous currency swaps in the tens of trillions of dollars. Draghi recently said not to worry because he was sterilizing the euros. That meant he would get trillions of euros in swaps from Bernanke to bail out bankers while keeping all of that money out of the hands of workers and small businessmen. He thinks that high unemployment rates and bankruptcies are a small price to pay to delay a rise in prices. Why do bankers think like that? Because inflation will drive up interest rates and collapse their Ponzi scheme which has been systematically transferring all wealth from us to them. Not so forever Mr Draghi. There is 15.5 trillion dollars in the Shadow Banking System which includes 10,000 Hedge Funds. They can see what is happening. One day they will begin shorting Morgan Stanley shares and buying silver and gold bullion which will they demand be delivered. The governments will respond with even more money printing to keep those US interest rates low. That will be the tipping point. Foreigners will dump dollars. An International Conference like Bretton Woods will be called late in 2012 or early in 2013.The dollar will be devalued and after tax American wages and savings will be cut in half. The government will respond with Draconian actions authorized by legislation from the Patriot Act to the NDAA which have repealed the Bill of Rights and legalized the disappearance, torture and killing of Americans without judicial review.

At that time people will listen to extremist views meaning people who do not like the bankers. It would be nice if people were educated in advance about fractional reserve banking and non-interest bearing currencies.

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