Friday, July 16, 2010

The Rockefeller Foundation study report

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The Rockefeller Study Report; a must read folks-conspiracy theories just flew out the window!

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John Dorry said...


Amber said...

All hell just broke loose!

Tim H said...

There is a war raging, this isn't a study. The purpose is to put people making life hard for them to achieve their evil goals on notice to the kind of mayhem they are going to unleash on all of humanity if they don't get their way. It's a blueprint that says we ain't kidding around. The sooner folks realize this the better, it's time to hunt down these suckers!

Gigi said...

It's time to do that which is right, cleanse our planet of this evil that no longer lurks in the shadows.

Dr. Nero said...

Scenario casting is relatively unknown in the research community and very unreliable;it isn't science but conjectures. I wouldn't put much on this except that it serves as an ominous warning of things to come akin to pushing the panic button.