Monday, November 16, 2009

Freaks of Nature called US Guards and things they do!

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Freaks of Nature called US Guards and things they do!

Juiced up on Ecstasy and getting a hand job!

Note well the dark-skinned Israelis

Israel-American Guards

A US Guard plastered with Jewish symbolism of a Masada warrior

Another tattoo symbolism depicting loyalty and submission to Israel on a US Guard

If the murderous mayhem unleashed by these American terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan is not enough, here are pictures and videos that show some of the activities of these hired American terrorists who are in the employ of the US embassy in Afghanistan. These pictures and videos are surfacing because of the hard work of honest and honorable ordinary American citizens who do not think that American military and government has the right to turn other countries into a mess.

In Pakistan, the world’s largest American embassy is under construction. To protect it, Pakistan’s pro-US government is quietly helping the US expand its military presence in the country.

The State Department has launched an inquiry into the allegations against the private security guards that could lead to the termination of the company’s $189 million contract, a department spokesman said.

The Project on Government Oversight, which conducted an investigation into the behaviour, said that security was threatened by incidents such as prostitutes being brought into the quarters where the guards live.

“We expect to see prompt and effective action taken as a result of these investigations,” the spokesman, Ian Kelly, told reporters.

Who are these freaks called US Guards?

They are mostly malleable white thugs, ex-cops, and adventure seekers. These are not the Navy Seals and Army Green Berets that everyone tells you these contractors are. The companies Zapata, Blackwater, Aegis,CACI,, etc are run by Zionists. If you think about it, just who would you hire? Do you want a black gang from Chicago, or Mexicans gangsters from Houston, or whites from Pelican Bay? You couldn’t control them, and they would probably shoot you.

The lower echelons are mainly ex-cops, academy drop-outs, and lower ranking, hand-picked military. The upper echelon are Israelis or white Zionists. They want guys that sit behind a M-60 or similar machine gun, in a humvee, that will spray civilian crowds of Afghanis, Iraqis, Iranians, and eventually Americans.

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Just imagine what would happen if they caught you out on the streets on a night like this... or on any other night for that matter! Then think of the manner of beast that is unleashed on our streets when they return home


Evil as evil is said...

They are and look everything evil. Marauding killers, rapists, sodomites, everything evil you can thing of! Just look at them!!

Charlie's mom said...

Absolutely shocking! I just think what they are doing to my kid over there. Lord have mercy!

Sisi Barth said...

@poster 2; ... and what they will do when they get back home!