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Etete, Government and our Oil block

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Etete, Government and our Oil block

This above (original rider changed because of space constraints) article published by the Punch using the information and document I provided proves all along what I and my colleague have emailed you and other news papers earlier on, in regard to Etete's financial dealings with the previous Attorney General of the Federation, Obasanjo and others. Attached are some more documents obtained from the same source close to the former AGF and a source close to Mr. Rasky and Mrs. Ngozi Odinlo estranged wife of the former Minister. If Etete can make a deal with him (AGF) in regard to the court case in Paris then for sure he could also make a deal with him in regard to getting the Oil block OPL 245 back as in my email below. Further you must understand that the AGF could not do both of the above and the OPL deal, without the green light coming from Obasanjo, don't forget Obasanjo and Etete were bitter enemies and without the green light from Obasanjo the AGF would not have the guts to support Etete. It was the making up of both parties over the OPL 245 deal that gave way to the AGF doing the letters for Etete in Paris to the French Justice Minister. Attached, recently obtained, are the letter to the AGF that kicked of the procedure that gave back the OPL to Etete and the second is a document from Malabu to lawyers representing AGF and government as stated in my earlier email. All the lawyers were acting on instruction from former AGF and Obasanjo. The inside scoop on how the deal was made was obtained from a source within the Odinlo setup in Lagos and can be gleaned from the story below:

Yes, Shell Petroleum people are thieves!! Everybody knows that and everybody knows they tried to steal the block from Malabu Oil even the House of Representative hearing and ruling in 2002/03 proved that as quoted by them ''... the oil block was awarded to Shell under murky circumstances''; but nobody talks of how Chief Thief Etete, a wanted international criminal, protected by the Yar'adua Government stole the block from Nigerians in the first place when he was Minister! In the same House of Rep. hearing they said the question of ownership was not what they were investigating!!! How funny is that!!!! Then what is it that they and the present government should investigate? One Thief calling another Thief!!!

Etete through Tessler, main lawyer to international thief, prepared trust documents for Etete who used a distant family member of his Mr. Munamuna, who is the Chairman of Malabu, to award the block to himself. At first, the block was shared between Etete and Abatcha; how the shares in Malabu were shared: Etete through Munamuna and a fake name he (Etete) used (Amafiaigha) and the former Nigerian ambassador to the USA during Abatcha regime fronting for the Abatcha's. When Obasanjo and Attiku came into power Attiku tried to muscle in on the block, they (Malabu) came to an agreement with Atiku and gave half of the block to a company, Peccus Energy, purposely made for this transaction fronted by the same people who own Intels (Mr. Perucci & Mr. Volpi.), all a front for the Ex VP. Etete and Atiku forced the former Nigerian Ambassador to the USA to hand over Abatcha shares for $4million and since Abatcha was gone, the Ambassador had no more power in the matter so he complied not to have friction with the Vice President; that is how Peccus paid Malabu to gain the shares for the VP. Go and check the company registry in Abuja and look at the history of owners and directors. Peccus should show where they paid money for the share and to whom? A trace should be made where and to whom the funds came from!!!!

Atiku brought Shell into the picture who later became the technical partner and Shell took 40% shares of the Oil block OPL 245, leaving Etete with 30% interest in the block and Peccus energy with 30% interest in the block (Malabu 60% & Shell 40%) Malabu shares were 30% (Etete) and 30% to Peccuss (Atiku) making their interest in the block 30% each after giving 40% interest to Shell. When Shell discovered that the block was more valuable than any of the parties first thought, they convinced Atiku to force Etete to sell his share which he refused. This then gave way to the revocation of the block from Malabu and the re-award to Shell. Peccus then returned their share in the company to Malabu and Shell broke all contracts they had with Malabu and the long legal battle ensued. The NSA, General Gusau, in the Obasanjo government was called in by Etete to try and settle the fight between Etete and Obasanjo which also included the director of SSS but the NSA had other plans and made matters worse for Etete, he was trying to frustrate Etete while trying to find ways to get a share in the block for himself.

Atiku used Obasanjo's name to muscle in on the block because of the sentiments Obasanjo had for the Abacha regime and members of that government. Atiku then used Obasanjo to seal the deal between NNPC and Shell which then started the fight between Etete and Obasanjo. Obasanjo before leaving office settled with Etete since he, Obasanjo, fell out of favor with Atiku (the Obasanjo/ Atiku fallout was the mastermind agreed between IBB and Etete, carefully planned and executed, and it worked). The block was not given back to Etete without some serious dealings where Obasanjo through his money man, Mr. Andy Uba, and Mr. Uba's mother-in-law secured an agreement with Etete for $500m, when Etete sells the block after he gets the block back; 70% of this funds were to end up with Obasanjo.

A separate arrangement was made with the Federal Government law firm of Babalakin & Co. which the Chief Justice of the Federation used initially to fight Malabu and Etete, this was the same law firm used to mediate the settlement between the government and Malabu, a law firm representing that acted on behalf of the government and Malabu concurrently, which is highly strange and suspicious; Malabu is to pay the bills for this legal cost of $45m which covers the lawyers with 65% of that going to the Minister of Justice (AGF Mr. Mike Aondoakaa) through the law firm when Malabu sells the block! A third deal was made between Malabu and Dr. Edmund Daukoru for the sum of $50m to fast track the reinstatement of the oil block to Malabu and to ensure that Malabu got what it wanted and that the legal agreement between NNPC and Malabu would be made just the way Etete wanted. No body will get any funds if Malabu does not sell the block. The above agreements were subject to Malabu getting the block back and subsequently selling the block. This is why Etete refused the amount offered by Shell to settle the dispute, as Mr. Rasky mentioned in the above mentioned article, because the funds offered to Malabu by Shell would not cover all of the commitments Etete made to all the parties mentioned in this rejoinder.

A similar deal was done with Yar'adua for the continued protection of Etete from persecution by the EFCC and the French government. Mohammed Abacha has on numerous occasions tried to get back his shares of the block which was originally destined for his father with little success; he has been stonewalled by Etete who controls the block 100%. Mohammed Abacha states that he never gave the former Nigerian ambassadors to the USA under the Abacha regime permission to make a deal or sell their share in the block to Peccus Energy.

Mr. Munamuna has no history in the oil business and also has no financial means whatsoever, so why should a Minister (Etete) give discretionary allocation of an oil block to a company with no previous history in the oil industry nor proven funds of any kind and a Chairman Munamuna who is practically living from hand to mouth then and now? Nor did Mr. Munamuna at anytime pay the $2.4m part of the $25m signatory bonus the company was first asked to pay NNPC; they should trace within NNPC where that money came from and ask Etete to show detailed business transaction of how he made that money? Neither has Mr. Munamuna paid any legal costs in Nigeria or abroad in London where Malabu fought Shell in arbitration, no financial trail can be traced back to him (Munamuna) only to Etete. So if he was the real owner then why no financial commitment? Etete awarded the block to himself and Abacha when he was a minister; which is also breaking several laws even back then when he was minister. A proper investigation should be made and the block taken from both Etete and Shell and given out for fresh bids and both parties should be banned from bidding. Etete has been running around telling people he is the owner of the block but at the same time telling government officials he is only the consultant and investor; he has a power of authority from Malabu giving him all the powers to negotiate and make all decisions for the company. For all the money he spent on Malabu in Nigeria and abroad on lawyers, there is a paper trail, he should show Nigerians from detailed business and financial records how he made the money not just bullshit talk that he was rich before he became a minister! If one checks his financial records, like the French did, it would show that he was nearly bankrupt before he became a Minister. Mr. Etete's brother Mr. Bukazi Etete who also helped the Minister stash funds in Geneva, London, Malta and Paris is currently leading negotiations for the sale of the oil block and is in possession of copies of all agreements. The main individual holding all agreements and copies of all agreements is Mr. Rasky.

Etete and Mr. Bukazi Etete, Mohamed Abacha, Mr. Munamuna, Directors of Peccus Energy (Mr. Volpi $ Perucci etc.), Mr. Gbinigie, the former Ambassador to the USA under Abacha, NSA during the first term of the Obasanjo government, Dr. Edmund Daukoru, the government law firm of Wale Babalakin, Mr. Andy Uba and Mr. Uba's mother-in-law should all be investigated and the truth will come out. Mr. Rasky Gbinigie knows all of the above because as company secretary of Malabu and a lawyer he carries out all of Etete's instructions. There are documents in Mr. Rasky Gbinigie possession and Etete's Victoria Garden City mansion that proves all the above, further, Mr. Munamuna (Port Harcourt) and Mr. Etete's brother Mr. Bukazi in Port Harcourt and Lagos (Victoria Garden City) have documents in their possession.

The government should, if they are serious about investigating Etete, find out where he got the money for all the property the French seized in Paris and retrieve the documents. Yes, Etete would tell all that the French are liars and that they were only after him for political reasons but that is not true, they, the French would not have charged him if they did not find anything, further they only got him for money laundering, what about the other charges they could not get him on because the French laws that would have got him on those charges did not come into effect until after he had left office but those laws are still current under Nigerian law for embezzlement and stealing, influencing contracts by way of taking bribe or so called commission while holding a government position as Minister. What Nigerians forget is that under Nigerian law all the offenses including the ones the French could not charge him with are triable under Nigerian laws, because he was still breaking Nigerian laws when he was in government, taking commissions for contracts and giving himself oil blocks while being a Minister and serving the Nigerian people...

With regret,
Madu Onuorah , Abuja; Nigerian Citizen


odoziobodo said...

If everything this man says is true and he lives in Abuja then he is a dead man walking. I pray that had better not be his real name because these men he mentions are ruthless monsters. Good luck friend.

agbalagba said...

Eh? Dead man walking or dead man talking? If that is his real name then he just committed suicide, simple and short.