Saturday, May 03, 2008

Average computer has more germs than a toilet seat

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Average computer has more germs than a toilet seat

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Pray, which toilet seats were used for this comparative analysis? The ones at the White House, the Pentagon or Langley? They really ought to be telling this to the Marines, they're the ones who need cleaning up. Hello! Germs are every where plus in the air we breathe and 99% of them are harmless! Some help us convert food to energy and others strengthen our immune system by actually infecting us. The laptop and www are never going away, so just forget it and shut up!


Kiki Smith said...

Ha ha ha! Yes, answer-the ones at the White house!!!

eyesontheworld said...

They make it sound like our laptops would soon be infecting us with STD and AIDS. Scaremongering buffoons.

Sisi lavare said...

Actually, as per toilet seats used in the analysis, the answer would be all of the above. The white house, pentagon and langley are all killer-viruses targeted at the expiration of the human species. There are no known greater killer-viruses known to mankind today, period!