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An American death wish

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An American death wish

"Much like the time leading up to World War I, coalitions and regional blocs could form to contest American supremacy. If one of these entities could consolidate its power quickly enough, a new bipolar world could emerge. Potentially, China, a pan-Arab coalition, or a unified European Union (EU) could become this new superpower."--Robert DeYeso. Newer World Order The Return to a Multipolar Era 2006

A very telling article was written by Richard Haas, president of the Council on Foreign Relations. He accurately described the decline of the American empire and put forward some plans for the ‘tectonic shift' that will take place as nation states scramble to fill the power vacuum that will be left behind by the decline of the military muscle of America. He spoke of a ‘Newer World Order' as events are taking place and the ruling elite want to take full advantage of it.

"The United States' unipolar moment is over. International relations in the twenty-first century will be defined by nonpolarity. Power will be diffuse rather than concentrated, and the influence of nation-states will decline as that of nonstate actors increases. But this is not all bad news for the United States; Washington can still manage the transition and make the world a safer place." -Richard Haas. The Age of Nonpolarity 2008

Much like Rome, America's days of empire are coming to an end. America is morally and economically bankrupt. We have run fresh out of cannon fodder and have resorted to the hiring of mercenaries much like the mercenaries who broke their allegiance with Rome and sacked the country. We have outsourced our military and let the dogs of war run wild around the world in our name with murderous brutality. There is a distinct difference between the Visigoths and Blackwater USA, Blackwater is building their own military infrastructure[1] and their own air force[2]. Blackwater USA plans to be a permanent replacement to our all voluntary military and they have no problems with getting their hands dirty.

The United States is also a major source of culture (through films and television), information, and innovation. But the reality of American strength should not mask the relative decline of the United States' position in the world -- and with this relative decline in power an absolute decline in influence and independence. -Richard Haas

U.S. primacy is also being challenged in other realms, such as military effectiveness and diplomacy. Measures of military spending are not the same as measures of military capacity. -Richard Haas

These global superintendants still have need for U.S. military muscle as the IMF, World Bank and other NGO's have been using our military decades but they would prefer to slow bleed our nation to prevent our influence in foreign policy. They are currently investing in the emerging economies such as Brazil, Russia, Indian and China. These nations will have strong economies and powerful militaries in the near future that will rival our own. The deck must be shuffled to keep true power out of the hands of the people.

Trade can be a powerful tool of integration. It gives states a stake in avoiding conflict because instability interrupts beneficial commercial arrangements that provide greater wealth and strengthen the foundations of domestic political order. Trade also facilitates development, thereby decreasing the chance of state failure and alienation among citizens. The scope of the World Trade Organization must be extended through the negotiation of future global arrangements that further reduce subsidies and both tariff and nontariff barriers. -Richard Haas

A similar level of effort might be needed to ensure the continued flow of investment. The goal should be to create a World Investment Organization that would encourage capital flows across borders so as to minimize the chances that "investment protectionism" gets in the way of activities that, like trade, are economically beneficial and build political bulwarks against instability. -Richard Haas

Free Trade is but a mere slogan to the IMF and World Bank. They don't mean free enterprise and trade among peoples. They mean to keep countries indebted[3] to them forever like the Philippines, Latin America, South Africa and many more developing countries. Free trade also means kickbacks from corporations like Bechtel[4] who privatize water and sanitation through World Bank/IMF public-private partnerships and leave the people disease ridden and lacking basic necessities. If the United States dollar was not the main reserve currency of the world all our debts and obligations would be called in and the IMF would be telling us to devalue our dollar further which has led to food riots in other nations.

Finally, the United States needs to enhance its capacity to prevent state failure and deal with its consequences. This will require building and maintaining a larger military, one with greater capacity to deal with the sort of threats faced in Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition, it will mean establishing a civilian counterpart to the military reserves that would provide a pool of human talent to assist with basic nation-building tasks. -Richard Haas

Mr Haas wants to create a new NGO to centralize investments which will lead to heights of corruption never seen. He also suggests that we gather more prey for the killing fields and hints toward creating a new type of Global Peace Corps. America in the end will not be any different from those countries which are under the thumb of the NGOs. As that nation slides towards oblivion they will loot, pillage and rape this nation while looking as if they are trying to save it. Let us take our lessons from the nations that have been ruined by globalism. Let's hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

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