Friday, February 15, 2008

Lucky Igbinedion breaks down over bail

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Lucky Igbinedion breaks down over bail

Four days after he was granted bail by a Federal High Court in Enugu, the former Edo State Governor, Chief Lucky Igbinedion, is yet to meet his bail conditions.

This according to sources, is said to be weighing the former governor who is in Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) custody down.
The Federal High Court, Enugu, had on Monday attached 16 stringent conditions to his bail. A source said the former governor’s sister told him that his legal team and aides had combed Abuja with the hope of getting people who could stand as sureties, but were unsuccessful.

An aide who witnessed the meeting between Igbinedion and his sister said: “Oga broke down soon after his sister narrated all the difficulties. Even when the sister suggested that his lawyers could go back to court to seek review of the conditions, he still refused to eat his food. All pleadings for him to eat at least a little food fell on deaf ears. He just kept mum.”
The source said a condition pertaining to where sureties could not travel out of the country until the case was concluded was a major reason why the potential sureties abandoned the former governor.

Justice Faji had said Igbinedion should remain in the custody of the EFCC until all the conditions are met.
Among the conditions are that the former governor will produce two federal permanent secretaries who are not likely to retire in the next three years as sureties in the sum of N10 million each.

Igbinedion was also mandated to deposit his international passport with EFCC and not travel out of the country without the order of the court.
The two permanent secretaries who will stand as sureties to the former governor will also not travel out of the country.
The former governor is also required to be reporting to EFCC every first Friday fortnightly.

Justice Faji, who also ruled that the order of the court should be served on the Head of Service and Comptroller of Immigration for their information and compliance, said the sureties must be credible people.
The former governor must also be ready to submit himself anytime he is needed in court.

Igbinedion and his two sureties are also required to provide two recent passport photographs and make available to EFCC their three years tax clearance.

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Osaro O said...

Omo ole! All is crocodile tears, the thief believed he was going to have it easy and return to his ill-gotten loot, he cannot imagine he will stay in the cooler like this. Obasa is still dealing with him-just look at the buffoon's Mexican moustache. We know them, his father is even a bigger thief and murderer, from police sergeant to billionaire. It is the sins of the father being visited upon his children.