Friday, September 28, 2007

Compare and contrast

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Compare and contrast

Compare these two amounts of money: N686 million and N628 million. The first (about Euro 3.9 million) is the amount the European Union is reportedly making available for the provision of clean water and sanitation in 12 towns and communities of Enugu and Jigawa states. The second figure is the alleged value of contracts for renovation of official residences and purchase of cars for some officers of the House of Representatives. Spot the difference. Foreign donors are funding water supply and sanitation with N686 million in a country in which N628 million is allegedly to be spent in renovating official residences of two public office holders and purchase of some official cars.

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Bankole Porter said...

Really very sad. Can you see this kind of nonsense? As we bow our heads in shame as Nigerians it should be said also that this woman would never had smelt that seat but for her being imposed on us by that ragamuffin called Obasanjo. This is exactly what happens when glorified touts like him rule any nation. I hope this serves as an eye-opener to other African nations, its time we all grew up.